Mindfulness with Thai Yoga Bodywork – Workshop Feb.16th

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The perfect Saturday morning the 16th of February join Owen and Ivana for Mindfulness with Thai Yoga Bodywork. A once a year opportunity to practice together with Ivana and Owen. This unique workshop is blending two ancient healing systems. The Art od Meditation and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage.

Owen will lead you deep inside your own conscious heart in meditation of compassion, acceptance and surrendering. Ivana will lead you into the art of gentle Lunar asana.

Then together we experience joy in partner flows to meet our inner souls, led by Owen and Ivana.

Ivana will guide you through Thai massage sequence, that is a sacred dance between our bodies, the conversation from heart to heart, the mystery of human touch. In the end together in the circle, we experience the profound essence of community, humanity and healing.
We, Owen and Ivana are promising you to leave with new practical skills of mindfulness and healing touch, that you can bring to your day-to-day lives to share with your loved ones.

Just 50 xcd for this wonderful combination.

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