Bike & Hike

Explore Antigua by Bicycle and on Foot

Sugar Ridge offers the unique opportunity to explore with a bicycle. Bike use is included for Body & Spa Inclusive guests, or can be rented for a fee of $15 for the day. Each bike comes with a helmet and lock, as well as a basket to carry the spoils of your shopping or other belongings.

Bicycles are often taken to the nearby supermarket for shopping. Jolly Harbour is also a short bike ride away, and has lots of restaurants and shops. Indulge in local cuisine and return to Sugar Ridge guilt-free, since your fun doubles as exercise!

If you’re looking for a beach day, let us help you pick a route. Along the west coast is Valley Church Beach, Ffryes Beach, and Darkwood Beach, all within biking distance.

There is lots to explore, and your bike adventure is only limited by the distance you want to go.

Sugar Ridge also offers guided walks four evenings a week. With a different destination each walk, learn about local plants and experience Antigua off the beaten track. For further exercise, a hike up Antigua’s highest point, Mount Obama, will provide unparalleled views of the Caribbean. With different trails leading to the summit, you choose your path and intensity.