Grasp Antigua by the Handlebars

Sugar Ridge offers the unique opportunity to explore Antigua with a bicycle. This is a popular activity for friends, couples, or to do alone. What better way to explore a beautiful island, than on a bike, with the warm Antigua sun on your back and the tropical breeze in your face.

Bike rentals are included for Body & Spa Inclusive guests, or can be rented for jut $15 per day. Each bike comes with a helmet, a lock, as well as a basket to carry the spoils of your shopping or other belongings.

Often guests take bicycles to the nearby supermarket for shopping. This is a great activity to learn more about Antigua and find some hidden gems.

Jolly Harbour is only a short bike ride away, and offers many restaurants and shops. This is your chance to indulge in local cuisine, then return back to Sugar Ridge guilt-free, since your fun doubles as exercise!