What’s in a Name?

Have you ever wondered where Sugar Ridge got its name from? Our beautiful resort is actually named after the island’s famous sweet sugar cane.

Established in 1650, Betty’s Hope was a sugarcane plantation in Antigua. This was the first large-scale sugar plantation to operate in Antigua, and since then, sugar cultivation has exploded.

By the middle of the 18th century the island was dotted with more than 150 cane-processing windmills, each the focal point of a sizeable plantation. Today, almost 100 of these picturesque stone towers remain. They now serve as houses, bars, restaurants, and shops. Click here to learn more about this rich history.

Sugar Ridge is dedicated to providing exceptional service and first-class amenities. Our $50 million resort is nestled into 43 acres of lush, indigenous flora and fauna. The property’s seclusion and views inspired renowned architectural design firm OBM International, completing the development in 2009.

Contact us today to book your stay at Sugar Ridge, and you’ll see just how sweet we are.