Easter is Coming and so is Antigua’s Kite Festival

Antigua’s Annual Kite Festival is coming up on Monday April 2nd!

This is a truly Caribbean way to spend your Easter Monday. A long-standing tradition, people from all over and of all ages head to Devil’s Bridge to fly kites. It’s a colorful day as kites fill the bright sky over the blue Caribbean. Not only is this family-friendly activity sure to make for a fun afternoon outdoors, it also provides the chance to see one of Antigua’s landmarks.

Devil’s Bridge, located outside Willikies, is a stunning natural limestone arch. The natural bridge connects two rock formations as the Sea surges below. While it may be tempting to cross the bridge, it is often slippery from the waves and not recommended. There are also blowholes and geysers around the bridge!

Enjoy the park and beautiful Antiguan scenery, fly a kite, and be a part of our island’s community. We’ll be waiting for you back at Sugar Ridge when you’re ready to relax on our luxuriously private hillside.