Caribbean Wellness Ambassador Awards

Support Wellness in Antigua – Vote for Aidan


Founder of Sugar Ridge Aidan McCauley has been nominated by the Caribbean Tourism Organization for the Wellness Ambassador of the Year Award, and we are pleased to announce that he has made it into the final round!

Aidan embodies all of the qualities of a wellness ambassador. As owner and visionary behind Sugar Ridge and Hike Caribbean, Aidan has focused on providing experiences for guests that energize body, mind, and soul whether through yoga, farm-to-table dining, or hiking trips exploring the outdoors.

In addition to the number of wellness initiatives that Aidan has created around Sugar Ridge and with Hike Caribbean, Aidan’s efforts extend into the community. A vote for Aidan is a vote for these important Antiguan organizations:

Fighting childhood obesity on Antigua.Friends of the Care Project, a local care facility for children with severe mental and physical disabilities that are often left abandoned.
Caring for Antigua’s beaches.The SAP FC football team in Bolans, providing uniforms, gear, and funds necessary to compete as competitively as possible.

We want to extend a heart-felt thank you to everyone that took the time to vote in the first round. The final round requires all new votes for the nominees with nothing carried over from round one. If you cast your vote for Aidan before, we kindly request that you do so again. Simply click the VOTE NOW button, scroll down to his profile and click on the heart icon. That’s it—easy!

Voting for the final round is open now until 11:59p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday December 2nd. Thank you for your continued support. We are truly grateful!